Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hornsea Pottery

Hello! Recently I visited Hornsea to go to the seaside as a bit of a break and to look at the Hornsea Pottery Museum. Me and Rob started our collection a few years ago and we still love finding bits and bobs in charity shops. We plan on visiting some events and car boots too to scope out some bargains.
When we visited Bridlington to stay in this lovely Mid-Century style house we saw this unique, one off Hornsea Pottery Patterns book that was written by one of the owners of the house. It was full of all the different collections. 

Our favourite collections tend to be ones designed by John Clappison, a prolific and innovative designer that was at the forefront of British pottery after the second world war. He managed to improve the quality of design for mass productions for ranges at Hornsea Pottery from the 50's to the 80's.

Glazing samples
Vintage postcards and a kite

I hope you all have a nice week!


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  2. Wow, that books is very interesting. Can i purchase at the museum? Its wonderful!