Sunday, 12 February 2017

Josef Frank at the Fashion and Textile Museum

This week I went on a very long (nearly 24 hour) day trip to London with some of my lovely friends from uni mainly for a very exciting design job interview, but also to squeeze in a visit to the Fashion and Textiles Museum to see the Josef Frank exhibition. 
I have seen lots of photos on Instagram from other peoples visits to this exhibition, and eagerly awaited the right opportunity to go. I am so glad I managed to visit as it was genuinely one of the best most inspiring exhibitions I have ever visited.

Olle Eskell for Ikea

 The pictures do not do it justice! It was full of Josef Frank's beautiful interior prints draping down from the ceiling. His patterns have a wonderful narrative to them with bold colours that really attract attention. The fact that he designed these during the first world war gives them another meaning, as he repelled the drab grey miserable colours that would have been evident everywhere and adopted a much more cheerful colour palette with cheery tropical fruits and birds.  

I feel so inspired from this exhibition and also feel that I understand a bit more about my own reasons for using narrative and colour within my work. I like the thought of other people getting joy and  happiness from it. Just like Josef Frank's reasons! 

I hope you all have a lovely week, I have another very exciting design job interview this week so fingers crossed again!! 


  1. These prints are seriously dreamy! will have to check it ou ive never been to that museum if you can believe it(im a fashion student!).


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