Sunday, 5 February 2017

Angela Harding at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Last weekend I visited Angela Harding's exhibition currently on at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I adore handcraft and find woodblock printing fascinating, it is something that I would love to try although I do not have the patience that Angela must have with the fine detail in the original wood blocks.

YSP is a great day out and I love how exhibitors portray typical 'Britishness', they use artists that focus primarily on wildlife themes which is very fitting considering YSP is surrounded by fields, trees and wildlife. Even if the weather is rubbish (it was raining for part of our trip) it is lovely to sit in the cafe and watch the clouds go by and have a stroll around the exhibition. 

 She portrays narratives so beautifully by building up landscapes that she has seen throughout her many walks in the British countryside.

YSP also have a wonderful shop full of independent artists and designers and this time I treated myself to a YSP tote bag designed by Rob Ryan as I love the colours and pattern on it <3
I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend, and if you haven't already you should go and see this exhibition it is on display until  the 26th and is a great day out! 

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  1. Angela Harding at Yorkshire Sculpture Park is really a must visit a place and I have been there and yeah really had a great experience.