Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Goodbye Dissertation, Hello Amsterdam!

YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! I survived the big green monster (dissertation). I feel so proud of myself as it was HARD. I am not the biggest fan of academic writing, but I tried my best and it is definitely the best thing i've ever written. After three months of tears and hard work, it feels really strange to see it all bound and finished.  

After the official hand in on Thursday and a rather large celebration on Thursday night we get our brief for our final major project - the work that will be presented at our degree show and New Designers. I can't wait to start something new and  start making things with my hands again, I also have some very exciting ideas for it!!

I love this quote on my new Rob Ryan notebook 
Also, next Thursday me and Rob are jetting off to Amsterdam for five days. I can't wait to go and I know Rob will love it. If you have any recommendations on places to visit do let me know (particularly antique shops, concept stores and cafes!).


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