Sunday, 11 December 2016

Colours May Vary treats and Mid Century loveliness

Mid Century magazine & The printed peanut cat pin <3 

Yesterday I went to Colours May Vary for my usual magazine fix (Frankie & Oh Comely). But this time me and Rob noticed the 'Mid Century' guide, and much to our surprise we found pictures of the lovely house we will be staying in as a treat for being together for three years. You can find it on Airbnb, but I am sure I will take lots of photos and show you.

We love the furniture in Colours May Vary, and always say that when we have our own place we will buy Mid-Century style furniture (eek). 

Adorable dinosaur illustrations in Anorak Magazine
Also, on a side note, I would really love it if you could vote for my blog in the UK blog awards (here), it has been nominated in the 'Arts and Culture' category. I would really appreciate it! Voting closes tomorrow (Monday) 

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  1. Congratulations to you guys on your third anniversary. I hope you have an amazing time staying at the house. Do take lots of pictures and share on the blog.