Sunday, 27 November 2016

Autumn/Winter 17 Baby Prints at Next

I popped into the new rather large Next in my hometown this weekend and adored the children's clothes sections, especially the baby prints!!

There is something about prints for children that I adore and how tiny their clothes are makes it even cuter. Recently there seems to be a big trend for tactile, playful designs with raised 'flock' binders, embroidery and appliqué being used a lot as well as (less common but interesting) velcro to reveal characters behind fabric windows. Super cute and playful, something that gets the child more involved and attached to a piece of clothing. It's funny how most of the designs are done digitally but so much effort is done to produce them so that they do not look flat and capture the child's attention more with added details. I think this post may have something to do with the fact that I am living and breathing my dissertation at the moment which is about children's fashion prints; but I still love looking at them which is a good thing (writing 6000/9000 words on it hasn't put me off yet hooray).

I have also noticed that I seem to steer towards designs for babies or boys, which may be a good thing to discover now as there is only 8 months until I finish university and I have to start looking for future jobs soon(SUPER EXCITING).

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