Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Top Tips for Relaxing

Most of you will know by now how hard I am finding writing a dissertation already, and there are still 12 weeks to go until my deadline... So after countless days and nights of stressing and not being able to deal with it very well, I decided  to do something about it, and I hope my tips help you in some way!

1. Yoga: I decided to join in with the Monday evening classes at university for the first time a few weeks ago, and I really don't know why I haven't been before. It helps with all of my achey joints (god I sound so old) and gives me 45 minutes of the day to just focus on me. I enjoyed the breathing exercises at the end, I found them a bit like meditation (something else I need to get back into!!)

2. Tea: I have been trying to drink green tea recently, and treated myself to some Whittard Mango & Bergamot green tea and some Chamomile (great for helping you relax just before bed as it makes you sleepy). I find drinking tea makes me relax as it forces me to sit down and drink it for 5 minutes, in the middle of all of the stress working. 

3. Candles: I love Yankee candles and currently have some lavender tea lights lit whilst writing this post,lavender is meant to be soothing for the mind so hopefully it is doing something! I plan on investing in some essential oils too,  some good ones for relaxing are here.

4.  Chocolate: I find having chocolate as a treat for completing a section of work really motivating, mostly because I am a chocaholic, but everyone needs something to look forward to.

5. Music: I have lots of playlists on Spotify for relaxing, working etc. I find listening to different types of music really helps with my moods. I'm currently listening to the 'Sweet Sunday Soul' playlist.

6. Surroundings: Clean, de-cluttered surroundings with lots of plants and flowers really help me to keep calm. I am always on the look out for more succulent babies! 

7. Talking about it: I think that getting all of your worries off your chest to someone whether thats to a friend, family member, or even the internet it really helps. Don't keep everything to yourself. That's why I enjoy writing blog posts. Diaries help too. 

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