Sunday, 30 October 2016


Fred Aldous window display for upcoming print fair 'Unwrapped' on the 19th November
 Today me and Rob took a trip to Manchester mainly to visit the Craft and Design Centre for 'dissertation research' however it turned out that most of the artists studios inside are shut on Sundays (of course they are, as they are open every other day of the week... :( ) so we had a wander around the Northern Quarter

From what we did see of the Craft and Design centre it looked like a lovely cosy place with traditional trade signs, small individual artist studios and a part of the Hand Craft exhibition where the designers/makers all joined together to make one large mural. I just wish we went on any other day of the week other than a Sunday as then we could of looked more in the studios and shops!  

Traditional makers sign 
I loved these 3D paper sculptures by Kate Kelly <3 

We then tried to go to the Cat Cafe, which after peeking through the windows and seeing all of the fluffy cute cats I was very excited about, however soon realised that it would be a very long wait and most of the cats were asleep which meant we couldn't stroke them anyway :( I plan on going back though and booking in advance so I can cuddle cats and drink tea. So instead we visited Sugar Junction and ate scones and drank very nice tea. 

Whilst wandering around the Northern Quarter I realised how some of the signs/walls/graffiti in Manchester are rather nice... Especially 'Commons' painted wall. 

I hope you all had a nice Sunday, mine wasn't very relaxing as I walked quite a lot however it was nice to visit new places. 

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