Thursday, 6 October 2016

A Quick Catchup

Hello! What a week it has been...

This time last week I was celebrating my 21st birthday with my family after a day of very dull dissertation work in the studio. 

Lots of cat related presents !!
Cake made by my lovely mum
However my lovely friends did decorate my desk space at uni! <3

On Saturday morning I got up early to go to Fred Aldous for their first birthday celebrations, where we got a super box of goodies worth £65 and had a lot of fun with the free photo booth! 

Love a good photo booth!
For the past week I have just been working on my dissertation, two weeks in and already wishing for it to be over. Does anyone have any tips on getting through it? I'm working on it every day and have a timetable. I have been collaging for the practical side however and I am loving that... It is the only bit keeping me sane! Also dissertation work on top of freshers flu is not fun :( 

Hope you've all had a lovely week.

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