Thursday, 8 September 2016

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Mark Hearld

Following on from Tuesday's post about my recent visit to The Hepworth with Rob, we also took a trip on the same day to Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the Editions and Objects exhibition by St Judes. It was AMAZING...

Emily Sutton

I was finally able to admire the work of Mark Hearld, Emily Sutton, and Angie Lewin in *real* life after admiring them in books and online for years.

"Editions and Objects, in partnership with St Jude's, features 13 of the most well respected artists, designers and makers working in the UK today. 
Working with the theme of editions and multiples, the artists show a selection of limited edition prints and objects, ranging from screen prints, woodcuts and lithographs to ceramics, jewellery and scarves." 

The exhibition is on until the 30th October, you should all go and see the beautiful work up close as even though the work looks good in pictures it really is a billion times more inspiring and wonderful in person.

Mark Hearld

Emily Sutton

Angie Lewins cabinet full of inspiration

Mark Hearld ceramic

Colour co-ordinating with the display <3 

Emily Sutton

Emily Sutton
I felt very inspired seeing Mark Hearld's collages and Lino prints up close and as a fellow slow crafter I can only imagine how long each piece would of taken him and how much painted/collected papers and random stuff he has acquired over the years... as I have SO much paper hoard already. 
I also really loved Emily's use of naive imagery of children's toys and cats yet how she also made it look quite sophisticated and work as an art piece through adding detail and lovely colour.

One last photo spam...
It wouldn't be a gallery if there wasn't an equally lovely shop, would it? I spent far too long in the YSP shop admiring/buying (but mostly admiring) all of the pretties..

Katch Skinner ceramic brooches

Victoria Moorhead jewellery

Donna Wilson cards

Pretty wraps

Danica Studio wash bags

746 telephones (LOVE the colours/design)
Rob Ryan tote bag
 My haul of inspiring things that I collected from my visits to Saltaire, Wakefield and YSP <3 (I will be writing a post about the Bright Bazaar colour book soon!)

 Hope you liked this post, and let me know what you think of the exhibition if you do visit! 

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