Saturday, 3 September 2016

Welcome to 'Pattern Perspective'

Pictures used for colour inspiration <3

Hello! What a stressful but exciting few days it has been...

Some of you may know about my recent 'blog melt down'. I wasn't happy with my blog name A Textile Perspective and felt that Pattern Perspective would last a lot longer, textiles was not really very fitting to my work or what I write about anymore, and considering my degree and hopefully career will be in Pattern/Surface Pattern this name definitely feels more fitting. 

Old Blog name/layout

Brief summary of said blog meltdown:
It got to the early hours of the morning and I was trying to edit things and fix things from my old blog layout (I didn't have a clue how much goes into blogs from widgets/html codes etc) and in the end I took the plunge and deleted the full layout which left me with a blog that wasn't working at all.  Which meant I had to start from scratch and design everything myself. 
HOWEVER I am now pretty chuffed with my new blog design :)

Things I learnt from this experience...

- Appreciate web designers
- Have more patience
- Bad things sometimes happen for a reason, flow with the 'mini crisis' as sometimes, it can surprise you!
- You are capable of anything you put your mind to
- Try your best to avoid any more web designing (excluding portfolio, which will be on my to do list next.)

I hope you all enjoy my new blog name & layout!


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  1. Loving the new layout and fully appreciate all the blood sweat and tears (literally) that you have put into the many hours spent creating this! Fabulous site, I love it, your ever adoring and totally in awe of you Mum xxxxxx