Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Today we said goodbye to our beloved doggy, Benny.

 We adopted him when he was about 3 years old (we wasn't sure of his exact age) and have given him a loving home for 10 years. He was the sweetest, cuddliest, softest dog ever that LOVED food especially chocolate even though we never fed him it. Although my mum did feed him maltesers at the vets this morning as his last treat, his eyes used to go massive whenever he smelt chocolate. Dixie my cat was his best friend which is rare as dogs and cats don't normally get on. Dixie would follow him on his walks every day.

 This morning I  gave him the biggest cuddle ever. He loved his tummy being stroked so I laid down with him and stroked his tummy for an hour, whilst he put his paw on my hand. 

No more pain anymore, Benjamin. We love you lots and you will forever be in our hearts <3 

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