Monday, 15 August 2016

Tenerife & Greetings collection

Holiday perfume

The view from our balcony

Lovely sea view from my Nan & Grandad's balcony 

Cat <3 <3

Hello! It's been two weeks already, time is flying by! 
I got back from Tenerife early hours yesterday morning and  it already feels like I haven't had a  holiday as I am back in full swing on my final placement for summer at Hallmark for two weeks. 
Tenerife was lovely, nice and sunny (40 degrees most days so I spent most of it under the shade and in the pool). It was nice to relax and have a quick break for a bit too, even though a week wasn't long enough it was still nice. I miss joining in with water aerobics every morning already, and bingo around the pool :( 

Also I thought I would show you my work from my last placement at UK Greetings (they aren't using it and I have permission to post it). I made a full greetings collection of thank you/every day cards, a bag with a tag, and roll wrap. It was fun to try out working for a girls market, as I have been focusing on boys recently. I also experimented with 'flitter' and pop outs. I think the collection is slightly too cute and pink for my own personal taste but definitely works for the market I had in mind. 

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