Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Saltaire Loving

Salts Mill Allotments 

'Shirley St'... how cute

I would love to live here <3

 Friday marked my last day on placement at the wonderful Hallmark (for Tesco) and my last placement of summer actually! I've had such a wonderful 6 weeks of placements. I learnt so much, met so many lovely people along the way and came out of it feeling even more inspired than ever before, even if I took too many on in the end (and felt a bit overwhelmed at times) I enjoyed every one and will remember the people and places I met and visited along the way. 

Salts Pots toilets had the cutest window full of plants

It's me.. painting a plate!

My plate and mood board (the plate still needs to be glazed/fired so will be much brighter!) 

 In the afternoon I joined in with a fun workshop at Salts Pots in Saltaire where we got to paint our own plate. I went simple with a Marimekko inspired flower as the main focus of the plate. I can't wait to see what they all look like as a group collection of plates on the walls! 

I spied a bit of Corby Tindersticks in RADSTUDIO

I then finished my last day a bit earlier so I was able to finally have a look in the wonderful RADSTUDIO (a beautiful shop right next to Saltaire station that was always shut when I arrived early in the mornings). I took lots of photos in here and bought some lovely bits that I will put in another blog post as this one is getting too long! 

Matisse in Salts Mill <3 <3 <3 

More Matisse !

And finally I finished my day in Salts Mill, to visit the David Hockney exhibition again for *dissertation research* (I love using this as an excuse now to visit lots of exhibitions and galleries) and have a quick peek in the gallery shop before my train back to Leeds. 
I would definitely recommend a day trip to Saltaire as it is such a beautiful place.

What a busy but wonderful summer I have had!! Now to relax for the last few weeks... well kind of <3 :) <3 

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