Monday, 11 July 2016

Mollie Makes Handmade Awards

Goody bag filled with Mollie Makes magazines, books, tea bags and Brother measuring tapes and pens <3 

On Thursday I woke up bright and early (5am) to head down to London for the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards event at The Fable, Holborn.
I was shortlisted for the Youth Award, which was a huge achievement in itself for me, still being a student going into my third year at university! 

The day was jam packed with activities, talks, nice food, good music and inspiring people. It was all slightly overwhelming (being my first ever awards event and also knowing I had to pitch to 8 judges!) But also a great opportunity to meet other like minded creatives. 

Below is an account of the day through a collection of pictures (some my own and some found on Instagram and Twitter through the #handmadeawards tag).

- 10.30am: Photo walk with Xanthe Berkerly. It was a nice activity to ease everyone into the day and take in our surroundings. So many pretty walls, doors and buildings!  

12pm - Pavillion Books. A super inspiring talk that opened me up to the idea of one day making a creative book. After this we had lunch which was a nice salad and even lovelier brownies/meringues. 

1.30pm - Calligraphy Workshop with Quill London. It was great to dabble my hand into a bit of modern calligraphy, I am keen to buy myself a fancy pen and give it more of a go now I know the basics, be prepared for hand written EVERYTHING ...

3pm - Sarah Hamilton, the most inspiring talk of the day for me. I loved how humble and down to earth this lady was. And how she started out by simply selling cards, and now is doing crazily brilliant things, I love her and her work. Most of you will know of the Just a Card campaign she set up too! 

3.30pm - Time for my pitch, which happened to be the last one of the day eek! Super nerve wracking but it was a huge experience being my first ever pitch, and one that I will never forget. I walked away feeling proud of myself and inspired by the comments made by some of the judges. 

4 - 5pm - Talk with Pinterest, and the fab ladies behind Tatty Devine that I was also pleased to hear are fellow hoarders. Look at how inspiring there studio looks!!! LOVE. 

5.30pm - The awards winners were announced! Well done to Sew Cool Dolls that won the Youth Award, and all of the other winners for the other categories. 

6pm - Finished! Now to wait until half 8 for my train home.. food and sleep desperately needed!!

So overall an amazing day all round, one that I will not forget! I met so many lovely people that I plan on keeping in touch with :) 

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