Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Book Review: Encore! The New Artisans

As I am off for summer I am spending my spare time reading books and researching for my dissertation. I finally got the chance to read 'Encore! The New Artisans' by Olivier Dupon and I feel really inspired by all of the wonderful creatives I came across. A mixture of weavers, printers, ceramics, 3D sculptures, embroiderers to name a few... but all amazing in their own right, and from different parts of the world which I also found inspiring (after the recent goings on in the UK). 
I would recommend reading this book to open your eyes at various processes and if you are a bit nosey and like looking at behind the scenes in studios, it has a lot of pictures like that! 

Abigail Brown. Artist, Illustrator, 3D Sculpture & Ceramics. UK

Hannah Waldron, Multi-disciplinary artist and designer that uses print, textiles and weaving. UK

Karen Barbe, Textile Designer. Chile

Maartje van den Noort, Artist and Designer. Netherlands

Miga De Pan. Embroidery, Knit and Sculpture. Argentina 

P.S. Sorry about the photos not being great, I was reading it with my cat sat on top of me with a fluffy blanket but felt I had to share it with you all! 


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