Saturday, 18 June 2016

LCA Surface Pattern Degree Show 'Made Here'

I visited the LCA degree show this week, and was overwhelmed and also super proud of how fabulous my course Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern is! If you missed the chance to see the degree show you can visit New Designers part one in London at the end of the month (from the 29th June until the 2 July!) to see the lovely work in real life as pictures really do not do it justice, it is all even more fabulous in *person*! 

Below are just a few of my personal favourites:

I adore Nina's Lino prints that translate beautifully into wallpapers for children's interiors. I loved the idea of having a 'Monster Map' and illustrating various monster worlds! 

'Edible Garden' and 'Play Haptic Interactive' collections that translate collage and child like illustrations through screen printing and embellishments that have a fun, playful style to them. 

Quirky & fun display that shows her unique prints in a fashion context. 

Nostalgic seaside collection of collages and screen prints for children's wear. I LOVE the people swimming in the sea print, i'd love it on a notebook <3 

Paper-cut's translated beautifully through screen printing onto paper and fabric. 


Robyn Osborne
Soon to be designer at H&M in Sweden! I adore her collages and the use of collage when draping. The circus theme was really fun too.

Naive illustrations and prints with a strong scandinavian style. I bought one of her sailor prints and the Art market too, he is called Graham, how adorable!  

Quirky screen prints & appliquéd/embellished fabric. 

A modern take on Scandinavian design by Danish Bibi Klamer. I loved the idea of putting wallpapers behind others showing how they work together as a collection, and even the small detail of the wooden hooks to display the beautiful screen printed fabrics.  

Collage translated through screen prints and appliqué. 

I adored her display and collection of screen printed fabrics with a strong Scandinavian feel. 

Collage and paintings translated digitally in a playful naive way, suited for children.  

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