Monday, 2 May 2016

University Room Tour

I thought seen as I only have two full months of living in this house I should take a few pictures to remind me of my room here. 

Although it is the tiny box room of the house and I have way too much stuff for it (it is full to the brim) I have made it homely and filled most of the ugly damp walls with posters, prints and pictures. As you can see there is a huge Orla Kiely theme going on, and I can't wait until I have my very own place to decorate in ALL things Orla/ Mid-century. 


  1. Your room is so colourful and lovely!!!


  2. Ahh thank you Hannah! I sometimes think it is too colourful and try to tone it down a bit but who am I trying to kid. I'm becoming a bit of a colour hoarder... D:

  3. I absolutely love your room, it's so pretty and colourful! You definitely have to add some colour to standard student rooms to keep them feeling homely.

    Megan / Lazy Thoughts

    1. Aw thank you Megan, I move into my new student room at the end of the month I can't wait as it is so much bigger and nicer than this one, I really didn't like it but made the most out of a bad situation with lots of colourful posters and pretty patterns! You really do need things around you to remind you of home. :)