Sunday, 8 May 2016

Day Trip to Knaresborough

We have been meaning to visit Knaresborough (a little village near Harrogate, Yorkshire) for a while now after hearing about the lovely cafes, riverside view from the castle and even just walks around the village. We were waiting for the right day to go, and today being the hottest day of the year so far we thought why not! 

It was SO LOVELY. I can't get over how nice the weather was, along with the beautiful views from the castle down to the river. It didn't feel like we was in England, even though we was surrounded by quintessentially British things.  We even took a trip along the river in our very own paddle boat and ate ice cream. It was perfect. Such a dreamy day... *Smiles for weeks*
Definitely worth a visit when it's nice weather, we are going to take our Brexton picnic basket with us next time as it has so many nice picnic spots, and even when the weather isn't as sunny it would be nice to go back to try the cafes. :)

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