Thursday, 21 April 2016

Wacom Tablets

Whilst on my placement a few weeks ago I realised that all of the designers there pretty much always used a Wacom Tablet! I found this a strange concept at first but it kind of makes sense, I guess it saves paper and is a quicker way of drawing (once you get the hang of it!). 

John Lewis fabric

However after a while I still got a bit fed up of staring at a computer screen as I was getting frustrated at not being able to using it very well. Forever a slow crafter at heart!!
I created this design using shapes and colours from a John Lewis fabric. If I was to invest in a Wacom tablet myself (I just used the ones at uni for this one) then I would invest in better paint brushes as it was hard to work with the free ones on Photoshop. 
I think after university I might invest in one! What paintbrushes would you recommend buying if any? Or do you have a favourite one on Photoshop already?


  1. You can download a ton of free paintbrushes from places like deviantArt, I've been using a tablet for years and never paid for a brush set yet :) I personally prefer the ones that look like they could be chalk or pastel, it stops it looking too polished and slightly more like traditional materials.

    1. Ooooh thanks very much I will have a look at them!

      Jodie x