Thursday, 28 April 2016

Last few weeks in the studio

We are down to our last couple of weeks in the studio of second year, and it's all getting a bit too real now that this time next year i'll be graduating and *hopefully* getting a job! EEEK exciting. 

Our project is 'COP practical' (the boring project that is just to tick boxes in my opinion, but it is the better side of writing the essay as I get to collage, Lino & Screen Print again yay!) and i'm translating my old veggie prints into a more Scandinavian, slow crafting influence to back up my essay question! 
Also, I have been thinking recently about making more one off collages and a few Lino Prints to sell over Summer when I have a bit of spare time in-between placements, would anyone be interested in buying them, if so what things would you like to see me collage and print? 

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