Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Screen prints

I'm spending this week and next week frantically screen printing my final designs for the Safari Adventure project before Easter, and any of you that know screen printing know that it is SUPER tiring after a full day of it, so I am currently writing this blog post half asleep,  with binder covered hands. 

It takes a lot of preparation and planning to go right, and I am not good at planning the colours out in advance I need to work as I go and see what works well together. So I made a few varied colour ranges whilst screen printing, and my favourite is the one with the Yellow texture in the background. 
I am a bit worried that my designs look too much for boys and not Unisex, so need to see how I feel about this, however I do not see why they can't be unisex. Silly gender stereotypes ): 
I'm planning on draping these designs in children's interiors, perhaps as a bedding! We will see... 

This week I also found the time somehow to make a promotional pack, filled with A5 postcards with examples of my work on, my CV and Cover Letter. These would be great to send out to companies for work experience, but I've managed to get 4 placements over Easter and Summer so think I am fully booked myself. 
Super excited and nervous to spend three weeks in London in a few weeks, and I will be sharing with my lovely friend Amy (The Creative Outlook) who also has a placement over Easter, EEK :D 

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