Friday, 12 February 2016

Safari Adventure/Block Printing

Pantone Colours/Concept board/Collage
I started a new project this week, and called it 'Safari Adventure'. I'm using slow crafting techniques such as collage and Lino Printing to produce an interior outcome for children's rooms and nurseries. I printed the Lino on paper but plan on printing it onto natural linen as think this would look quite nice. 

Collage/Lino block printing
Tiger @ YWP
Cheeky Lemurs @ YWP
It has been so NICE to get away from the very long project of allotments and veggies and draw animals, a good excuse to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park and admire the lemurs and wallabies <3 


You may have also noticed the logo change, on my blog and portfolio, as I wanted them both to link together and show my style, so what better way than to collage it!

 I go to Paris on Sunday and can't wait to explore cute cafes, flea markets and go to my first ever trade show! Exciting :D

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