Sunday, 21 February 2016

Paris: Day 2, Tuesday.

Day 2


We started the day off by visiting:

- Musee d'Orsay. Great for the architecture and historical pieces of art. It is in a super fancy area which was great to be in considering our hostel was in a bit of a run down, dodgy place. 

- Deyrolle. Taxidermy shop around the corner from the Musee D'Orsay. 

- Concept Stores in Bastille and Canal Saint Martins. 
Unfortunately, the canal had all of its water drained out so was super disappointing to walk along but there was some quirky shops with things such as books, ceramics, art prints and more! 

Cute shops/designers to check out:

Adeline Klam Créations Super adorable origami and patterned fabrics with cute bunting. 

Mr & Mrs Clynk @ La Passerelle Concept Store and Cafe A brand I discovered in Paris that I LOVE with beautiful Scandi style patterns on accessories and stationery items. 

Monsieur A bistro that made the best fish and chips.

Antoine & Lili A collection of shops from kids, interiors to fashion along the canal with beautiful pastel exteriors. Super quirky and colour themed inside, avoid if you hate Pink and Kitsch!

- Ambrym, Fashion and accessories. 

- Artazart Design bookstore. AMAZING for arty books and stationery. I could of spent the rest of the day in here!

After this we got the metro back to our hostel and managed to get stuck within a bomb scare, which was not fun when there was police and army men everywhere and areas that were blocked off, and then a controlled explosion outside, especially when your anxious anyway.. Lets just say I cried lots. 

- Eiffel Tower @ Night. We wanted to visit at night to see how pretty it looked with its lovely lights on, however we didn't get much of a chance to enjoy it as we were trying to get away from a man that followed us on two metros and then all the way to the Eiffel tower harassing us with all of the other men that sold rubbish souvenirs. In the end we had to go up to security for him to leave us alone, and then we all ran to the nearest Metro, leaving us no time to take selfies with the Eiffel tower and appreciate it at night :( 
Be careful and cautious when you visit the touristy areas at night and on the metro as there are pick pockets and creepy people.

What an eventful day!!!

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