Saturday, 9 January 2016

New Find!

I am back in Leeds after the Christmas break and I finally got to visit the wonderful new Fred Aldous shop. It is AMAZING. I have never visited one of these shops before, but heard a lot of good things about it and it lived up to its expectations and more.

Print & Pattern Kids Book and Paper Zoo from Oscar Sabini 
 There was so many great artists work in there from The Printed Peanut to Rob Ryan as well as art books, and lots of arty materials, basically everything you could need and more. I could live in this shop. 
I LOVE my new stickers for my Mac from The Printed Peanut that are cat themed <3
Basically if you haven't discovered this heavenly shop already you really need to take a visit there...

Stationery goodies from Rob Ryan and The Printed Peanut 

Rob Ryan's beautiful mugs
Printed Peanut heaven
Printed Peanut/Washi tape heaven
Adorable gift wraps
Quirky wall decorations

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