Sunday, 31 January 2016

Busy Bee

The live brief fortnight is now over and although I can't show my work online yet I am quite happy with what I have produced! 
I really enjoyed working for a Greetings and paper based outcome. 

Snippet of my final 6 designs
I have also been finishing up my final fabrics that I will be taking to Paris two weeks today (EXCITING). 

My second hand in is tomorrow and I just can't wait to hand both of these projects in and start fresh on something new. We get another chance to choose our own theme and concept, so I am excited to explore something new. I am thinking along the lines of jungle/safari animals...

AS well as uni being full on (as always) I have been busy applying for Internships and I am so excited to have got one for three weeks at Easter and another one for two months over Summer, both in London. So overwhelmed but can't wait to work within two different design studios! 

So after all of that it was nice to relax for a bit yesterday with Rob, we went to the cinema, ate Italian food and drank lovely cocktails from Hotel Chocolat (they are amazing).


  1. Oohhhh Jodie I'm super excited for you, no doubt London will be an amazing place to do work experience. Where did you apply? You've made some amazing prints and you should be proud of yourself. You go girl!! Sooo what did you think of HC? By the looks of it, you tried to Salted Caramel Soother? It is pretty yummy, the Praline is even better!! You'll have to swing by when i'm at work :) xxx

    1. Ahh thank you Amy, i'm a bit scared of how big London is compared to Leeds but i'm sure I will cope haha... and A place called Pattern and Fusion CPH.
      Thank you lovely haha :)
      It's AMAZING in there and I tried the Praline one afterwards and that one was even better, I will definitely be going back and will be making sure you are there next time !! :) xxx

    2. I'm positive that you'll be fine and you'll be looked after. Just had a nosey at Pattern & Fusion, looks very professional and hands on! :D I adore the Praline, ugh such a beautiful drink. What spirits do you like best? I'll have something special ready for you next time you pop in! xxx