Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Highlights

1) This year I finally found my 'style' of working at uni, which is collaging in a naive way to tell a story. I still love my course and I am doing quite well finally, and I even made some lovely friends on my course!! 

2) My Orla Kiely obsession certainly blossomed, and I finally visited her beautiful shop in Covent Garden, it was super dreamy. I am not promising that I will calm down with the Orla in 2016... However I am running out of space to put her things, now all I need is my own house (after uni!!). 

3) Me and Rob went on endless cafe trips, our regulars being Mrs Athas in Leeds, Thieving Harrys and The English Muse in Hull. This may of had something to do with putting on weight, I must have eaten my body weight in cake about 100 times this year. This probably won't change in 2016, in fact I will no doubt just get even fatter. 

4) Visiting lots of different places in England like York (because it is my favourite place in England), Saltaire (to visit Salts Mill and the cafes/shops), Manchester (Manchester Museum, Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Whitworth Gallery), London (three times!!), Scarborough (for a Scooter Rally), Oxford (to see the lovely cafes and shops) and Lincoln (to go on a Cocktail making class at the Hilton with my family) as well as good old Tenerife!

5) Moving into a house and feeling a little more grown up by doing things like paying the bills and moaning a lot about cleaning and bin rotas (being an adult is rubbish). But it makes me feel a lot more independent and prepared to look at houses after University, as I know more on what to look out for and prices! 
I also can't wait to live with my friend Francesca next year, my fellow crazy cat lady <3

6) Going home and being greeted with Cat cuddles from Dixie as well as Roast Dinners and baths and sleeping in my own bed at home. You appreciate everything SO MUCH more when you move out, and going home and having food cooked for you and your washing done for you is like a luxury now!! 

7) Getting my first tattoo, and obviously it had to be of a teacup, and I love it. Can't wait to get a couple more!!

So that is that, a short summary of my 2015 highlights.I hope you all have a FABULOUSLY happy new year whatever you are doing. I'm quite happy staying in with my family and boyfriend playing board games and eating pizza! Enjoy my lovelies. See you on the other side : ) 

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  1. What a fab year you've had!
    And I love your tattoo and your designs.
    Happy new year!