Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Priceless & Worthless Exhibition

On Tuesday we had our first mini exhibition at university in second year. We spent the past few weeks sorting out what we thought was 'worthless' and re inventing it to make it 'priceless'. 
For my entry I bought some old medicine bottles from a charity shop and played around with laser cutting for the first time, cutting floral wood pieces out of scrap ply wood, inspired by the lovely Anna Wisecombe who bases her work purely on laser cut wood pieces.
I then painted them in my favourite colours at the moment - Duck Egg Blue, Yellow and Orange. They go lovely together and suite my uni room (especially with my Orla Jar <3)

There were so many lovely entries, here are a few of my favourites:

Decorated Tea cup by Rosie Luck

Necklaces by Chloe Hy (I want these!!!)

Decorated shoes by Poppy Almond

Cardboard Display by Katherine Welsh and Lucy Sheldrake

Tin stationery and cactus holders by Jasmine Peacock

Chair by Grace Rodger

Plant Holder by Rachael Allcoat

Funky painted bottle by Monique Fleming
It was great to get away from our current project and try out different things, as well as eat cake and tea (which was provided for free YAY, always a bonus..). 
Now back to the stress of my first deadline coming up in 2 weeks :( 

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  1. Your laser cut flowers looks really pretty! Good luck with your current project!