Sunday, 15 November 2015

Munro House: Colours May Vary, Joan Cornella

This weekend I took a long awaited trip to Munro House, a building that is home to Colours May Vary (the loveliest design shop in Leeds that stocks my favourite magazines Frankie, Betty & Flow, a long with great books, stationery and prints as well as Mid-century style furniture that I was swooning over), Cafe 164 that sell the BEST brownies and do a lovely cuppa, a long with a Gallery, that this weekend presented the work of Joan Cornello: a cartoonist and illustrator with an unsettling humorous style (humorous being an understatement. 
Colours May Vary
I nearly cried laughing at some of his work as well as being shocked at other pieces. It is very controversial in a funny way and kind of makes him like Marmite, you love him or hate him.
 Munro House is a great place to visit for a few hours to buy some prints, magazines and catch up with friends over tea and cake!! Can't wait to go back there and spend way too much money on my favourite things :)

Adorable gift wrap
Lovely wash bags and cushions by Rosie Moss
Scandinavian style wrap by Tove Johansson (LOVE)
Dreamy Mid-century side board
Joan Cornella
Joan Cornella

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