Sunday, 22 November 2015

Deadline Week

The past weeks have been super intense on my course (Printed Textiles), what with our first deadline looming (tomorrow...AHH) of second year that actually counts, things have got super serious way too quickly.  

Whilst at the same time I am loving what I do, it is so INTENSE! The past week I have been going home, at the earliest half 7 and even that seems early now. 
I think it's hard to tell yourself when to stop and when you need a break when it is a creative degree and something you are so passionate about as you don't want to do bad, as at the end of the day (for me) it is all I am good at and all I want to do!
 But sometimes you DO need to give yourself a break (this usually consists of tea and cake for me, in third year I will probably be obese from this). 
It has been hard, but I have really surprised and pushed myself so much already in what I can do and my style. It's weird looking back a year ago when I first started my degree, I have developed so much!!
So yes, first deadline of second year tomorrow, hence being slightly quiet on the blog.
 The most stressful part was preparing the 5 A2 design boards for me, as I wanted them to be perfect, even though they didn't have to be... Yet no matter how hard I try with cutting fabric straight, it always ends up wonky. Sigh. 

Close up of Screen Print with embellishment 
Close up of my favourite board

Hope you've all had a slightly less stressful week and a lovely weekend :)

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  1. I love your colour palettes! Hope your deadline went well :)