Monday, 30 November 2015

A visit to York

My collages
 Last week I had a couple of days off from Uni as our last project was being marked, so I spent them collaging for various things such as the Hillary's Blind competition and Surtex. It was nice to have a couple of lay ins for once!

On the weekend I went to York as I needed a bit of a break from Leeds, and it was lovely to wander around the cobbled streets of The Shambles and drink tea in my favourite cafe in York (The Flax and Twine), it was a good little break, but wasn't relaxing as York was super busy due to what felt like everyone in England shopping for christmas! I can't wait to be off for Christmas and spend some quality time with my lovely family (especially Dixie & Benny my cat and dog :D). 

Not long 'til Christmas folks, 1st December tomorrow yay!!! 

York Minster

My lovely Rob <3

Me with the biggest cup of tea ever!

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