Friday, 16 October 2015

Whitworth Art Gallery & Manchester Museum

Whilst in Manchester last weekend I took a quick visit to The Whitworth Gallery and my favourite section, no surprise, was the shop. The main reason for this being that they stock a few Donna Wilson items, like the fox scarf, cushions and socks <3 I wanted to buy the socks with a mustard top but they only stocked them in 'mens' sizes 7-10 so wouldn't fit my feet *sigh*.

 I had a look around the gallery too and enjoyed the new 'Art_Textiles' exhibition and Bedwyr Williams installation of 'The Starry Messenger' that uses sound and light to guide you through an amateur space exhibition. 

Mid-Century Style Sideboard
Felt letters (that I used for my new blog header!)

Whitworth Art Gallery
Bedwyr Williams Exhibition
As Whitworth & Manchester Museum are quite close to each other I also had a good look in there. I love the way it is layed out and the lights they use. It feels like a museum that you would see in a film, so much better than the museum we have here in Leeds :( 

Manchester Museum 


  1. So pretty - gorgeous pictures!! I wish I had a lot more galleries and museums near me, as I would probably spend all day in them.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    1. Ahh thank you :D
      It is great to be able to hop on a train and be in a new place with lots of exciting galleries and things in just over an hour!!

  2. The museum does look so much better than ours!! I have a friend in Manchester I should visit her one day and have a look round too hmmmm :) xx

    1. I can't get over how bad the museum in Leeds is. Yeah that would be good theres lots to do and see in Manchester. It's so much bigger and scarier than Leeds though hahah!xx

  3. I LOVE your new header, mine is so simple and feeble in comparison... Reading this post made me miss home, glad you enjoyed Manchester!

    Sophie |