Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

This weekend I took a trip to Manchester for the 'Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair' that showcased a wide variety of work from jewellery and ceramics to interiors and home wares and fashion textiles. 
Heather Shields Woven Textiles

My favourite sections had to be the ceramics and the printed textiles a long with some knitted textiles stands. There was a LOT of really amazing work there, it was super inspiring and so lovely to be able to meet the makers there and I also had a good chat with a few people about my blog and my course at uni!
It made me think about participating in these kind of craft fairs myself. It wasn't your usual 'craft fair' as such, it seemed more of a show case of work, a bit like New Designers in the way it was laid out with individual spaces and sections. 
I liked the formal approach to it but felt like I couldn't buy anything there and then as everything looked so well thought out when it came to the displays and a lot of things didn't have prices on, this is probably due to the high quality and prestige feel.
I have only added a few photos on as I took A LOT, so it is just to give you a taster of what was there really! 

You can see more of the crafters work over at: 


Lisa Slinn Ceramics 
Camila PĂ©res G. Ceramics
Sarah Heaton Ceramics
Sarah Heaton Ceramics
Sian O'Doherty Knitwear
Sian O'Doherty Knitwear
Angie Parker Textiles
Ploden Textiles

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