Sunday, 25 October 2015


I know I am a little late with a 'Hello Autumn' post but today is the first day it has really felt like it for me, what with the nights drawing in quicker and the air feeling super cold. I also invested in possibly the best thing i've ever bought, in my opinion, a super warm mustard knitted scarf!! Now I am on the hunt for matching gloves and a bobble hat and I will be completely fit for winter. My immune system however will not be!
Mustard Scarf <3

I am a month into my second year at uni now and OH MY it is so exhausting physically and mentally. I literally have no spare time and most of the time feel like I am drowning in work. It's a good job I still love my course and I'm surrounded by the loveliest people ever! 
 The main reason I love Autumn is I can layer up and drink lots of tea/fatten up with lots of cake (which is what I accidentally do throughout the year anyway) and just generally appreciate all of the colours the leaves on the trees are turning. 
Also, i've been getting into the print room and dusting the cob webs off on how to screen print onto paper and fabric. 

Screen Printing onto paper

Screen Printing onto dyed fabric

Last week we got some exciting news - that our course gets a stand at the Surtex Trade Show in New York. We just have to produce work that is good enough to take, which sounds easier than it is, for each theme. We get given different themes each month and a rough deadline to complete them. This months themes are Geometrics and Florals. Quite generic but so far I have created two collages for the Geometric one and it is definitely pushing me out of my 'comfort zone'. I'm going to attempt to make them into a repeat pattern as well, something that I am a little rusty on!
I think it is good to try different things as it broadens your portfolio and mindset, at first I was dreading producing anything Geometric and actually quite scared of it but once I got the thought that 'it isn't just lines' out of my head I was okay!!
Geometric Collages

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