Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Quick Update

This week was 'colour week' at University which this time last year I would have been completely petrified of but ever since the 'coastal wanders' project I have felt a lot more confident and a little less scared to use it.
 So I have gone for bold, vibrant colours and shapes to fit in with my theme of allotments but also as a bit of a contrast I used unconventional colours (for instance the tomatoes being Turquoise and Green!).

Veggie Collages

Mixing colours and painting papers
My new pen organiser - a cutlery tray from my housemate Charlotte!
Psychedelic Tomatoes 

Victoria Sponge Cake <3

Also it was the Great British Bake Off final last night, how emotional was it?! I nearly cried... So to celebrate I made a classic Victoria Sponge that coincidentally fit in with the final task of great british tiered cakes. I must admit, it was the best cake I have made to date (mainly because all of the other attempts have been massive fails and tend to burn) but now I am feeling a bit sad as I'm not going to have anything to look forward to watching!:(
Did you make anything for the bake off final? 

Plants in the studio
Have a lovely weekend and let me know what you are all getting upto! I am joining in with Light Night in Leeds this year and going to Manchester for the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair on Saturday, exciting!! 

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  1. I'm having to miss Light Night as I'm working this weekend :( but i am going to Northern Contemporary Craft Fair on Sunday! :)