Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Past Week

For the past week I have been attempting to get my Summer Project done for university, as I only have just over a week left until I am back. We have to do 20 A4 mark making pages, 10 A3 observational drawings and 5 colour studies. I really enjoyed getting messy with the mark making and using lots of different objects to make marks with, this was super fun. 

Inky Observational Drawing

However, I just found the concept of drawing A3 quite daunting, so put this off for quite some time... 2 months to be precise. However, as soon as I scrapped the 0.1 fine liner and used a paint brush and ink I felt much more comfortable. I do not think that drawing perfectly is for me, I definitely prefer a loose approach. 
I am still working on the colour studies but have decided to take my roots back to collaging for these, as it is something that I really enjoy. I paint the papers myself, and then use a scalpel to cut out directly the shapes I want. The gluing is the tricky bit, and this is where it really helps if you have patience (I really don't) so I get slightly frustrated at this stage. 

As well as completing my summer task, I have been packing up my room again as I am moving into a house this weekend. I am a little bit nervous but I am sure it will be fine, I survived the bin wars in student accommodation, I am sure sharing a house will be a breeze! 

Collaged Colour Study

I also said 'Au Revoir' to my friend Maya who moved to the lovely Brighton last weekend to study Illustration, so we said bye with tea and cake at Thieving Harrys on the Marina. If you are planning on visiting Hull this is a great place to go as you have the views of the boats as well as the great vintage/mid century decor inside this cafe. Plus the Victoria Sponge is FAB. (I think I need to go to cake anonymous?? Is this a thing??).

The AMAZING Victoria Sponge cake @ TH
Thieving Harrys (after Freedom Festival)
Lovely decor @ TH
Oh, one more thing, me and Rob went to Lou Lous Vintage Fair in Hull this weekend and spoke to a few stall holders. They were all so nice, and very enthusiastic in what they do. It got us both thinking that we could have our own stall selling things that are just from the 60's (clothes, furniture, records) as most stands are from all eras.
 I especially loved this stall that featured quite a lot of Hornsea Pottery <3 I managed to pick up some tea cups but when I have my own place I will be adding to the collection. I am now really interested in going to see the Hornsea Pottery Museum to look at all of the vintage pottery, it looks lovely! Plus Hornsea is a nice seasidey day out. 

Hornsea Pottery @ Lou Lou's Vintage Fair
Hornsea pottery tea cups & my bargain Orla Kiely Home book I picked up for £9.00 instead of £30!


  1. Lovely artwork, I love the detail in the collaged peas! Good luck with your move. All of that pottery looks fab. I often see lovely vintage crockery in charity shops, I can't wait until I own a proper house to collect it all!

    1. Thank you very much Freya I really appreciate it!
      Yeah that is where I see a lot of hornsea pottery actually so might have to search for some more in them! Haha I can't wait either, I have so many tea sets and things that need a home but are currently just under my bed getting dusty :(