Monday, 28 September 2015

Day out at Saltaire

On Saturday I decided to take a trip to Saltaire. A purpose built model village that provided a self contained living space for the workers at (what was) an alpaca wool mill, called 'Salts Mill'.

 It now contains a range of shops and the '1853 gallery', which houses a permanent collection of David Hockney's art that he created using an iPad! I love how colourful his work is and the way he managed to portray so much detail digitally. I would like to try out  this way of creating as he mentioned that it is easier to capture the layers and colours with this plus you don't have to wait for the watercolours to dry. 
As well as this fabulous exhibition there are a few shops in the mill, featuring an extensive range of books from arts and crafts to around the world, plus lots of arty materials. 
Basically, it is a great day out and Saltaire itself is such a picturesque village I could live there. 
I took so many photos (120) but here is a picture diary/summary of my visit: 

David Hockneys iPad art
Me !

Salts Diner 

Stationery/gift wrap heaven <3 

Work from Emily Sutton & The Printed Peanut


  1. Sounds like an interesting place to go! I love love David Hockney's work.

    Katrina Sophia

    1. Yes it is, I love it too you will have to visit if you're ever near leeds :)