Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hello July!

It has been a month since my last post!! After finishing university for summer I decided to get myself a summer job, so I have been working lots ready for my holiday soon! Sorry for the lack of posts.

A few weeks ago I decided to sign up to the Oh Comely magazine 'Perfect Strangers' parcel swap. This is where you swap anything from photographs, food, any type of gift, to a stranger that can be from anywhere in the world (that also reads Oh Comely). I found this aspect quite exciting, so decided to join in myself this year. 

As I have been working (boring excuse) I have only just found the time today to make my parcel and package it, to be posted tomorrow (it was supposed to be posted on the 29th June, whoops..). 

I decided to make my parcel personal, meaning that everything inside this parcel has been handmade by myself. It features original Screen Prints of woodland creatures in, pressed flowers jewellery, japanese bound leather notebook, lavender heart, polaroid pictures of my favourite things ( Being: My favourite cafe- The English Muse, my cat Dixie & my favourite pastel street in my home town - Hull.) 
I also featured an embroidery hoop with some screen printed fabric I made in college, that can be hung on the wall! Along with some flower mono prints/embossings, and a poster of the recent project 'Coastal Finds'. 
I then went back to basics and packaged it in brown paper, paper doilies and string, to give it a vintage look. 
Now all that is left to do is to go to the post office and finally send it. 
I really hope that my 'perfect stranger' likes her parcel :)

Thanks for reading,
and hopefully you will not have to wait as long for my next post!

P.s. To see what other people that have taken part in this lovely parcel swap have been sending visit the website here:


  1. This is so lovely Jodie! Whoever received it is very lucky :)

    Erin | Being Erin

  2. Aww thanks very much, I hope they like it :D