Friday, 29 May 2015

I-Dott Wallpaper Competition

I have finished University for a few weeks now and I have needed to keep myself busy, because as soon as I stop I get bored so easily. So I decided to enter the i-Dott wallpaper competition, under the category 'My Home' that required you to take inspiration from the decade of 'Mid Century Modernism'.

Dulux Colour Trends

"This was a time of optimism and expectation. Full of bright fresh colour. The world had changed and we were all looking for a new brighter future full of mod cons and gadgets. It was the decade of the jive and rock n'roll. Young women shrugged off the fashion of their mothers and wore fuller and shorter skirts topped with tight sweaters - dresses in bright colours and vibrant patterns with killer stiletto heels.
Young men abandoned being young versions of their Dads and donned brothel creepers, string ties and shockingly coloured frock coats.
In the home, what we were seeing in the American movies arrived in UK & Europe. It was colourful and glamorous: we were introduced to the fitted kitchen, labour-saving machines such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines. We were mesmerised by TVs and record players and our living rooms were filled with steep, stylish furnishing, windows draped with bold and exciting fabrics and the walls were covered with equally stylish and inspirational wall coverings."
So this was one of the briefs we could choose, amongst a few others, however I felt this the best fitting due to exploring the 1950's in my first project, therefore having some work I could work back into.
I chose to focus on a simple yet bold collage of a floral design that was also thought to be a 'teacup' by one of my tutors. I worked with it on Photoshop, adjusting the colours to make them more contemporary (by using the Dulux colour trend chart) with a retro twist. I then felt inspired by Orla Kiely, a huge mid-century style designer, in the way that she had small gaps in-between her imagery, and also a line down the middle of them to give it a bit of structure, so I played around with adding lines also. 
After a few tweaks and colour adjustments, I came up with my final design, and I am fairly happy with how the colours turned out when printing out a copy of it. 
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Digital Printout

Draping of Design


  1. I love how you took inspiration from the trends of the mid-century and were able to creatively incorporate all of them into your wallpaper pattern.

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